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Meet Our Team

We only hire the best because you need a fast fix for your restaurant equipment, and you need it done right the first time! Read on to meet a few of the rockstars that keep Missouri restaurants cooking!

        Jeremy Pickett

              Steve Redshaw


Steve Redshaw is a highly dedicated and professional service technician with 10+ years working in Facilities Maintenance for a local University, with emphasis in plumbing, electrical, welding and small construction projects. Steve brings experience as well as his eagerness to connect with customers to solve individual needs. 


Jeremy is the RKSolutions Field Service Manager. He is a hard working individual who takes great pride in his work.  He has over 10 years of experience in commercial maintenance. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 daughters and watching his favorite sport - NASCAR!

Part of the RK Solutions Family

Part of the RK Solutions team, ready to give you a fast fix for any and all of your restaurant equipment needs.

Samantha Stoddard

                  Steve Lengerer

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A mother to Riley who is 6 and has taught me to appreciate and cherish every moment. Our dispatcher, Sam is very passionate about helping and connecting with people.

Steve is a 20 year veteran in the industry. Known for his great customer service and Nieco broiler skills.

More training at RKS

Our team is the best in the business! Why? They were great when they started here and we provide continual training to make sure they are on top of their game. Products change as technology changes. We’ve got “new school” education with “old school” service!

Our team in constantly improving their knowledge base, techniques and skills

Our team in constantly improving their knowledge base, techniques and skill level through ongoing training both in-house and with equipment manufacturers.


Josh Hausgen

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I have been blessed at this point in my life to be able to start this company and I am very excited at where we are heading. We have excellent customers and even better technicians.  If it were not for the great help we have here and the wonderful people that we get to work with at the restaurants, this business and this job would not be the same.